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Focused or Distracted?

When I was in elementary school, sadly, I was not the picture of the brightest and best student. Often I was seated at the front of the room because I was "easily distracted." I would ask the teacher, "what do you mean I am easily distracted?" And as she would give her answer, and about 15 seconds in, I would be staring off into the hallway, looking at the cool mechanical pencil my neighbor had, pondering the motivational posters hanging around the room to then be brought back to attention by my teacher snapping and saying my name. I'd hear her say a phrase my elementary mind didn't quite understand, "Case and point."

Distractions are a tool of the enemy to bring about disruption to God-ordained moments. So I ask you, are you easily distracted? In 1 Samuel 17, Goliath would come out and blaspheme God and roar the loudest at two specific times of the day; in the morning and the evening. When you study the traditions God instituted in Exodus, you read that the Israelites offered worship and certain sacrifices in the morning and the evening. I believe seldom does the enemy roar at random, but rather at strategic times. The enemy loves to distract in the God-ordained moments. When the enemy roars, I pray that we will recognize the power of our anointing instead of missing the opportunity of the moment! We are in the last days, and this is not a time to fall prey to distraction but to carry out the gospel message of Jesus!

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